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bridal sculpture registry

We offer a special bridal sculpture registry service that allows the bride and groom to establish a registry fund for the purchase of artwork. Guests can donate into the fund (amounts can be kept anonymous if desired) that then goes toward the purchase of the artwork selected by the bride and groom. In honor of the couple's special event, Venusian Gardens offers the sculpture at a 20% discount.

The following is an example of how the registry works. Guests can either contact us directly or they can go to a special page on our web site and fill out a form that is emailed to Venusian Gardens. We will then contact the guest to arrange payment over the phone via credit card or a check can be mailed. If preferred, we can also mail a Sculpture Registry form with photos and contact information including a SASE to your selected guest list.


Sculpture Registry

(Bride) of (City, State) & (Groom) of (City, State)
wedding date: _______

(Bride) and (Groom) have selected the following sculptures to be in their registry. In honor of (Bride) and (Groom's) special event, the sculptures are priced at a 20% discount. One may purchase a sculpture directly or donate to a sculpture fund.

1. Jellyfish (#211): $1800 (reg. $2250)
2. Small Stalaglite $340 (reg. $425)
3. Venusian Swamp Flower $550 (reg. $685)


Sculpture Fund (donations to go towards sculpture of couple's choice)
Donation amount:
$25__ $50__ $75__ $100__ $150__ $200__ $300__ $500__ other:__

Sculptures are not purchased automatically here - this form will be emailed to Venusian Gardens and you will be contacted by Venusian Gardens to finalize the sale or donation (check or credit card). The Bride and Groom will be provided with an elegant gift certificate indicating your generous gift or contribution (the amount will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified) and the bride and groom will, in turn, select their specific sculpture of choice after the wedding.

Please let us know how you would prefer to be contacted:
name: ______________________________________________
address: ____________________________________________
email: ______________________________________________
phone: ___________ preferred time/date to receive call: ________

message you would like included on your gift certificate to (bride) and (groom):




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