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Luminous Rituals

One option to make your wedding even more special - and fun - is to include a luminous ritual into the ceremony. While the form this may take can be as varied as your imagination allows, the concept of incorporating light and luminosity into such an important ritual as a wedding ceremony can be quite symbolic. Light has always embodied the symbolism of spirit. Illumination overcomes the void of darkness. As such, engaging light as part of the ritual joining of two spirits provides a beautiful visual manifestion of the act of marriage.

At Venusian Gardens we can incorporate the lighting of custom made neon artwork into a ceremonial act - artwork which the bride and groom can take with them as a sculptural memento of their wedding that they can continue to enjoy for years. The neon can be custom designed from simple to complex and can include colors of choice (sample photo coming). A most unusual option could include the use of neon tubes with rings enclosed within a bubble at the top of the neon tube. Imagine, a wedding ring enclosed within the end of a luminous neon tube, glowing throughout the wedding ceremony, to be released in a ceremonial breakage of the tube during the wedding vow ritual!

The luminous ritual itself can be as simple and brief as the bride and groom lighting their individual neon "Stalaglites"
to more complex ceremonies accompanied by spiritual readings. Obviously the details of such rituals need to be tailored to individual desires and we are happy to work closely with the couple to accommodate their wishes. We want their experience to be joyful and fun while at the same time uniquely Venusian in character!

These and other creative ideas at Venusian Gardens offer you a unique fantasy experience for your special event.



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